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Geely Emgrand GL retrofit Aozoom Projector Headlight

The manufacturing facility Geely Emgrand GL front lights is made with halogen bulb. As all understand, the brightness of halogen light bulb is as well dark to drive. Higgins chooses to upgrade his hid projector kit front lights with projector. We assisted him construct an appropriate modification prepare for his front lights.

Every brand name car front lights has its very own characteristic, the modification as well as the aftermarket accessories are not the exact same. The Geely front lights retrofit with Aozoom HID light bulb and also Aozoom bi xenon projector.


Open the car, removed the bump to yank the front lights assemble. Made a safety finish on the cover of the housing and then put it into the oven for about 10 mins.

  • That can secure the front lights cover and also get the headlight out quickly. Gotten rid of OEM headlights that were resealed utilizing silicone, it is difficult to do it. After open them up, remove the OEM projector.

Set up Aozoom bi xenon projector right into the housing. Due to the fact that the aftermarket projector is not the comparable to the factory one, we require to cut out the external part to fit the housing.

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When the setup were all done, examine the light beam pattern to conform to the standard. After completing the light test, take care of the housing with cold gule to prevent leak. And afterwards heat the glue in a constant temperature. So the headlight housing can stick to the base very closely, and also mounted the screws at the same time.

The tuning is all done, the cutoff is bright than Higgins’s envision. He was pleased to the changed headlight. That he can drive on road to see a long distance, as well as with a large variation to stay clear of an unnecessary accident.

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